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My Cars

One of my hobbies that I pursue with great passion is restoring classic cars. I have been doing this since the age of 18, when, budget-wise, I could only afford an old car and I had to keep it running on a shoestring.

During the years, my skills increased significantly and more cars started to enter my life. In order to give my hobby a more professional character I followed a course of coachbuilder and car-bodywork repair in the CMO training center in Neerpelt during the evening hours. So I could start my own car-bodywork shop.

Spending time with friends tinkering on old cars is a super pastime to me. Driving around in them is more difficult because of lack of time, price of fuel and being too careful. The only classic car in my collection that has some though exercise is my faithful series-II 88" Landrover, pictured left.

The large farmhouse give ample of space to tamper on cars. The large barn is big enough for storing several cars and being able to waltz around them.