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Welcome to my humble website. My name is Richard. I live with my family: wife, daughter, a couple of cars and 3 chickens, in the neighbourhood of Turnhout, Belgium.

We live in an old farm that was quite derelict a couple of years ago. I have been renovating it to achieve a high comfort of living in a nice large space. We are slowly getting there, we are comfortable, but also need some more years to go to implement our dreams.

Professionally, I work as a research scientist for NXP Semiconductors where I am working on investigating the use of computer vision techniques in the ambient intelligence and television domain. At the same time, together with my working buddies, we are creating our own company that enables us to develop computer vision into more domains such as automotive, surveillance, health care and robotics.

My hobbies usually seem to center around renovating and restoring objects. Examples of this are the work I've been doing to get our farm "habitable" but also the many classic cars in my collection that I have restored or am busy restoring. Currently, the activity in this domain is low, because of our new family and the work on the farmhouse.